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According to Gartner Group information is the most important asset class in the 21st century knowledge economy. Any disruption in the information quality, quantity, distribution or relevance puts business at risk. That’s why organizations need to actively manage the security of information & communication systems-, business-critical information of their own or such information in 3rd parties control. The challenges of managing their Cyber Security and Information Risks & their mitigation are getting more stringent day by day

Go4Knowledge offers a holistic approach to cyber security by developing a cyber-security framework that helps in Identifying, Protecting, Detecting, Responding, Recovering, Maintaining and Improving  against applicable cyber threats.

Go4Knowledge offers an innovative and cost-effective portfolio of product solutions and services that leverage the ISO 27000 series of standards and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which was drafted by the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). to help your organization optimize information protection, network security, and regulatory compliance frameworks.

Our Core Cyber Security Services are organized to help you with:

  • Certifiable Best practice Frameworks e.g. ISO 27001, NIST,HIPA,GLBA,COBIT ,PCI DSS SSAE etc
  • Structured Methodology to integrate tools and products into information security processes.
  • Manage Regulatory and Due Diligence requirements



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