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We can help transform your company with our world class Consulting Auditing, Training and Certification services for ISO Management System Standards.

What is a management system?

ISO defines a management system as a set of procedures an organization needs to follow in order to meet its objectives. A management system standard provides a model to follow when setting up and operating a management system. Some of the top level benefits of a successful management system standard are:

  • Enhanced use of resources
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased customer satisfaction by meeting product/service expectations

Types of ISO Management Systems International Standards (MSS)

There are many types of standard, but we will focus on management systems standards of which there are two main types:

Generic standards.  Applicable to any type of organization by addressing management disciplines such as quality, environment, energy or information security. These standards are among the most widely adopted management systems globally.

Industry specific standards.  Designed to address the specific needs of vertical markets. For example, the standard AS 9100 uses the ISO 9001 as a foundation and adds specific requirements of the aviation and aerospace supply chain.

Common structure and concepts of ISO Management Systems International Standards          

Most ISO management systems standards follow the high-level structure (HLS) a standardized way of drafting ISO management system standards and core concepts of management systems set out in ISO document Annex SL. The characteristics and requirements specific to each standard are inserted into this structure in the appropriate clauses within each standard. Several standards now follow this structure, including ISO 22301: 2012, ISO 27001:2013 ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 20000-1:2018.

This standardization aims to foster compatibility among various management system standards to facilitate their integration and implementation with greater efficiency and effectiveness by certified organizations.

The common structure is paraphrased in the contents pages and sections of the standards as follows:

Clause # Clause Heading Remarks
Clause 1 Scope Sets out the intended outcome and boundaries of the standard
Clause 2 Normative references Details of the related reference standards and guidance documents as specified to the particular standard.
Clause 3 Terms and definitions Defines all of the terms and definitions required for the standard in addition to any additional related terms
Clause 4 Context of the organization Clause 4 consists of four sub-clauses:

4.1 Understanding the organization and its context
4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties
4.3 Determining the scope of the managements system
4.4 The management system

Clause 5 Leadership Clause 5 comprises three sub-clauses:

5.1 Leadership and commitment
5.2 Policy
5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities

Clause 6 Planning Clause 6 includes two sub-clauses:

6.1 Actions to address risks and


6.2 Management system objectives and

planning to achieve them

Clause 7 Support Clause 7 consists of five sub-clauses:

7.1 Resources
7.2 Competence
7.3 Awareness
7.4 Communication
7.5 Documented information

Clause 8 Operation Clause 8 has one sub-clause:

8.1 Operational planning and control

Clause 9 Performance evaluation Clause 9 is formed of three sub-clauses:

9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
9.2 Internal audit
9.3 Management review

Clause 10 Improvement Clause 10 is formed of two sub-clauses:

10.1 Non-conformity and corrective action
10.2 Continual improvement

The Annex SL structure outlined above aligns directly to the stages of the PDCA model as

Plan = Context > Leadership > Planning > Support

Do = Operation

Check = Performance evaluation

Act = Improvement

How management system standards add value to your organization?

The implementation and certification of Management Systems International Standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, has achieved high international recognition with more than 1 million organizations with their Quality Management Systems certified worldwide.

The International organization for Standardization (ISO ) states that “ ISO management system standards (MSS) help organizations improve their performance by specifying repeatable steps that organizations consciously implement to achieve their goals and objectives, and to create an organizational culture that reflexively engages in a continuous cycle of self-evaluation, correction and improvement of operations and processes through heightened employee awareness and management leadership and commitment.

The benefits of an effective management system to an organization include:

  • More efficient use of resources and improved financial performance,
  • Improved risk management and protection of people and the environment, and
  • Increased capability to deliver consistent and improved services and products, thereby increasing value to customers and all other stakeholders.

MSS are the result of consensus among international experts with expertise in global management, leadership strategies, and efficient and effective processes and practices. MSS standards can be implemented by any organization, large or small.”


We can help transform your company with our world class Consulting Auditing, Training and Certification services for ISO Management System Standards.

Go4knowledge and its partners provide you a complete suite of consulting, training and implementation services leading to certification to various ISO standards for organizations across the world. We pride ourselves on our track record and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business.


Our Experienced ISO 9001 consultants will help your organisation develop and document systems that meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard .Our experts will help you with any of the following solutions and services to meet your quality objectives

  1. Gap analysis : Conduct the same in your organization to identify improvements & additional requirements
  2. Management System Documentation and Design : Our experts will work with you to develop design & implement a user friendly compliant management system
  3. Outsourced Internal audits : Our auditors will assist you with  your internal Audits and save your organization ti me and cost
  4. Pre-certification Audit : Our auditors services assess your management system for compliance to the relevant requirements for certification standard  Our Deliverables are Pre- Certification Audit Report  and Recommendations Report for closing gaps and non-conformities.
  5. Integrated management systems :Extend your management system to meet requirements of additional standards into one comprehensive framework using Annex SL
  6. Management System Maintenance: Maintain & streamline your existing your management system to ensure continued compliance to desired standards
  7. Transition and Up gradation : Transition or migrate your existing management system to new versions of standards
  8. Supplier Quality System Assessment: When a supplier fails you, you pay the cost Conduct your supplier quality audits through our experts. Please remember that your suppliers have a share in the responsibility of maintaining the competitive edge of your business.


Training Solutions Engage & coach your staff on the various requirements of in layman is terms

All Available 16 ISO courses:



Provide your customers with Confidence, Assurance and Certainty

100% record in getting our clients certified

The Go4Knowledge team works closely with leading accredited service providers to facilitate a smooth  ISO Certification in terms of service delivery, certification approach, timely project completion value for money and effectiveness.

Over the years we have successfully certified our clients through the leading certification bodies in the world like:-

  • BQC
  • BSI
  • BVQI
  • DNV
  • Intertek
  • KVQA
  • LMS
  • LRQA
  • Lloyds
  • Moody International
  • Quality Austria
  • UL
  • TUV

We have worked with most accredited certification bodies around the globe to ensure a great experience for our customers and partners If you are in need of any specific accredited certification like NABCB, UKAS, JAS-ANZ, DAC, RVA, ANAB, SASO etc, We can suggest you the certification bodies that have these accreditations and can get you successfully certified to  multiple  ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 17025 etc.

We provide ISO certification services in India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi, Oman, Africa Maldives, Australia.

Note : The names of the certification bodies and accreditation bodies are for representation purpose only. We have no direct business linkage with them  are independent to them apart from normal consulting company – certification body relationship.

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