ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, a worldwide organization founded in 1947. The organization mainly functions to develop technical standards that aim at making the development, manufacture and supply of services more efficient, safe and clean. ISO is composed of member bodies from more than 162 countries.
ISO standards are purely voluntary; no legal requirements force countries to adopt them. ISO standards have, however been adopted by many countries (160) and industries as standard requirements for doing business, thereby making them virtually mandatory. The benefits of following ISO standards include the following

 ISO certification is important because it is recognized worldwide as an accepted standard of quality. When companies can accurately document their systems, they can compare them against a recognized standard for improvement.
 Since ISO certification is a recognized standard, companies can use it to gauge and select the vendors or subcontractors they work with.
 Millions of companies have been certified worldwide, presenting significant business opportunities for consulting and training.

We provide our customers with a range of comprehensive ISO consulting and implementation solutions.

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